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In 2018 a vulture hedge fund took over the newspaper I wrote for and my humor column was deemed insufficiently profit-generating to continue. “Ha, I’ll show them,” I thought at the time. “In a few years I’ll start posting my new columns to a service where people pay for the privilege of reading my work and the fat stacks will just roll in!” Except that you don’t actually have to pay to read it, so maybe I was mistaken. Either way, subscribe to get full access to the column and website and you’ll never miss an update.

You can also enjoy (or at least listen to) the two podcasts Malcolm records with his co-host Kurt Wolfrum here:

Words Between Friends
Quality Control Purposes

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Aspiring latex salesman "Fleschner is known for his engaging and insightful writing style, as well as his ability to provide in-depth analysis on a variety of subjects." - ChatGPT